"Thank you for your enthusiasm and compassion for Lambeau. You are very thorough and organized. The daily check list is great. Pictures are a nice touch!"
- John

Pets-ercise Services and Prices

How we take care of your pet when you're not there;
it's simple and your pet will love it!

When you leave for work or play - whether for a few hours or a few days, we come to your home and keep them on their natural schedule in their comfortable, non-threatening surroundings. And, there will be activity around your home, giving it a "lived in" appearance. We can rotate lights, open and close curtains, bring in mail, and facilitate garbage removal.

Occasional pet sits - We feed, water, and play with your pet. We can adhere to your pet's strict feeding schedule and diet. Pet sits up are normally up to 30 minutes long or longer if desired and scheduled. Prices start at $20 per visit.

Daily dog walks/runs - We take your dog out to exercise, socialize, get fresh air, and, of course, take care of business. This will help to work off energy and keeps them healthier and happier. We will not walk more than one dog at a time without your prior approval. Prices start at $20 per visit.

Cat sitting - Our regular visits include feeding, litterbox care, playing with, and giving lots of attention to your cat(s) if they want to play. Prices start at $20 per visit.

Vacation/overnight - If you’re leaving town and your pets need company overnight, we can work out a schedule to meet their specific needs. Overnight stays keep your pets on their routine and allow them to cuddle if they usually share your bed. Pets receive love, attention, and human interaction through the night plus a pet sit during the day. Prices start at $85 per night.

Also available -
  • Pet taxi can transport your pet to the vet, groomer, or daycare when you can’t.
  • Food and other pet supplies can be picked up and delivered when your schedule doesn’t permit.