Happy New Year!
Tuesday, January 5, 2016

We know that the thought of leaving your pet behind while you hop aboard that Alaskan cruise doesn’t always sit well in your pet-centric mind. What’s the reason behind such reluctance to leaving your pet at home? Most of us are simply concerned about leaving our pets in someone else’s care. Take a look at some of the most common misguided assumptions regarding professional pet sitting services:

MYTH 1: Pet Sitters are always more expensive than boarding.

Not necessarily. It does sound like it would be infinitely pricier to have someone privately come to your home several times a day to shower your pet with personal attention, food, treats and exercise, but, actually, it’s not. Actual rates depend on the pet sitter and local kennel, but at the very least, you’re looking at very comparable prices. According to the American Boarding Kennel Association, an average daily rate hovers around $23-26 per pet, per day. Of course, that doesn’t count the walks, extra attention, pampering and house sitting benefits that petsitters provide. When it’s all said and done, which is the better value for you?

MYTH 2: My pet will get lonely and depressed sitting at home.

While there’s no doubt that Buddy will miss you while you’re away, it’s unlikely that he will be hurled into a spiraling, deep depression because you’re gone for a few days. Pets are often much happier when they are in the comfortable environment of their own home as opposed to an unfamiliar kennel. Add to this an enthusiastic visitor who brings treats and toys every several hours, and you’ll get an insanely giddy pet who probably spends his downtime sleeping between sitter visits rather than barking at or enduring all the other dogs barking in the kennel.

MYTH 3: Pet sitting is really only for dog owners.

So your cat doesn’t care to be entertained, and your gerbil doesn’t exactly need to be walked. Then why bother with a pet sitter? It’s not just about immediate need and companionship. Having someone come to your home to check up on your critters will help ensure that nothing goes wrong while you’re away. And if it does, there will be a mature adult to handle whatever situation occurs according to your instructions. You won’t have to wonder if the snake got out, or if Mr. Whiskers knocked over a vase that is now dangerously scattered in sharp pieces across the living room floor. 

MYTH 4: People only use petsitters when they go out of town.

Guess again. People use petsitters for all kinds of situations. While the mid-day walks for working pet parents are the most advertised, pet sitters fill in for long days in the city or at the beach, extended absences for weddings or family reunions, and spur of the moment socializing after a long day at work. Not only do you not have to rush home, your pets are fed and spoiled according to their normal schedule, and will be relaxed and happy to see you when you return. No guilt for you and everyone gets a good night’s sleep!

So think again about how a pet sitter can improve your pet’s well-being, as well as your peace of mind. For more information, contact Tara at www.TarasPetsitting.com or 757-633-3647